2023 Ministry of Clouds Clare Valley Riesling


$34.00 BTL
$204.00 6PK

No where to hide…

Of all the many grape varieties, Riesling is the most transparent expression of a vineyard site.  We have long loved the more crystalline expressions of Clare Valley Riesling, which embrace the exquisite risk inherent in delicacy and fragility. Never a wine about winemaker ego, or manhandling in the winery, just purity…

Please handle gently.


From the third consecutive La Nina vintage we enjoyed another cool growing season, with flavour developing slowly over time, but with the chance of disease higher than previously, time walking vineyards was essential! The 2023 vintage comprises about 93% grapes from the terrarossa/ red loam laid over limestone of the renowned Watervale subregion often referred to as "The Golden Mile", with picking times staggered to retain natural acidity. The balance is sourced from the lean, hungry and rocky soils characteristic of the cooler and later ripening hills of Penwortham.


All of the dumplings! Who doesn't love dumplings? Think prawn har gow for brunch after a big night out. Also suited to cellar for up to 10 years for a more complex and intriguing Riesling expression.